Kinetic Chain Therapy

Kinetic Chain refers to a technical concept used to describe human motion. Much of our skeletal stability comes from muscle tension. The pushing and pulling of our muscles allows our bones and joints to stay in the correct position. At Kinetic Chain, the treatment approach looks at the system as a whole. Aligning the body's chain of joints, muscles and tissues. This brings long-term relief and stability. At the Kinetic Chain, you will receive targeted and intensive therapeutic care that looks at your personal body mechanics. A combination of therapeutic techniques is used. The wellness program is always customized. Not only with techniques that provide temporary relaxation, but also working with you to address the core problem.


      Tissue manipulation has been shown to help a wide range of complaints and injuries, from headaches to herniated discs. In general, almost any type of musculoskeletal pain can benefit from this type of treatment. Treatments focus on muscle recovery. Various therapeutic techniques are used to stretch and loosen areas of muscle and tissue that have become too tight. They help to become more flexible and increase blood circulation to those areas. At the same time, we work on activation and stability in areas that are too weak. These methods are used with precision to balance the body's kinetic chain. Which in turn relieves pain, stiffness and immobility. Treatments are performed on an ergonomic table, with a collection of therapeutic tools.


      Ergo training focuses on retraining postures, movements and muscle activation sequences to be more balanced and efficient. Most injuries are caused and exacerbated by poor body mechanics. In our daily lives, we all learn and practice incorrect patterns. With focused attention on correcting that damage, we can take pressure off areas that are working too hard and stabilize inactive parts of the body. About ninety percent of our body's stability comes from muscle tension. By returning balance to our body mechanics, we can not only move more efficiently, but also learn the tools to treat and prevent injury.


        All treatments and trainings are by appointment.
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