If you are not able to do sports because of an injury or other discomfort in the musculoskeletal system, you have come to the right place with our specialised therapists, sports physiotherapist or manual therapist.

Since February 2012, Fysiotherapie & Training Amsterdam and Splash Health Club have entered into a cooperation.

The motto that both parties agree on is "fit for life". Splash offers this from a modern and well-equipped Health Club. The expert physiotherapists come from the practice "Fysiotherapie & Training Amsterdam" and are ready for you at Splash. They have various specialties and work in close cooperation with the trainers, personal trainers at Splash, sports dietician, orthopaedists and other medical specialists in Amsterdam.


ATTENTIONAs most of you already know, physiotherapists are allowed to treat people 'normally' again. What does 'normal' mean?

Should you have any physical complaints then:

  • Please contact us on 020 3304855 or email us at
  • In a brief screening by telephone, the policy is determined in consultation with the patient: hands-on, hands-off, combination of both or video consultation. There is also the possibility of treatment at home.
  • If a hands-on therapy is chosen:
    • We work with protective devices.
    • Disinfecting the treatment rooms
    • Please bring your own towel.
    • Both you and the therapist should wash/disinfect your hands on entry.


  • Knee problems/ Knee rehabilitation Back/ Neck problems
  • Shoulder pain Hip pain
  • Sports injuries Training after injury or operation

Reimbursement for physiotherapy or manual therapy
Treatments by a physiotherapist or manual therapist are reimbursed provided you have supplementary insurance for physiotherapy and/or manual therapy. We can check for you how you are insured.

Directly to the physiotherapist
Since 2006, you can make an appointment with your physiotherapist without a doctor's referral.


    Not sure if your complaint can be treated by one of our therapists? Make an appointment with no obligation to present your complaint to us. In 10 minutes we will determine whether your complaint can be treated by us through a screening form. We will inform you whether your complaint qualifies for therapy and what that will look like. Please indicate clearly when making the appointment that it is about a screening.


    Manual therapist MSc, Sports physiotherapist

    Benjamin Bos is a manual therapist and sports physiotherapist. His specialism lies in the field of neck, shoulder and low back pain. In June 2014 Benjamin completed his master manual therapy. Before that, he did research on hip pain in athletes. Benjamin's goal is to set up a hip expertise centre in Amsterdam. By now he has 15 years of experience in treating recreational and elite athletes.

    As a former hockey player, his affinity lies with the sport of hockey. You can come to him for manual therapy, sports rehabilitation, shoulder complaints, hip and groin complaints and physical tests.
    Since 2007 he has also been a lecturer at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the physiotherapy course.

    For an appointment or questions call: 06 24205032
    Or send an email to
    Benjamin is present on: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


    General physiotherapist

    Jesper Arkenbout is a general physiotherapist with a great deal of knowledge in the field of sports-related complaints. His expertise lies in football and tennis. He plays these sports himself at a high recreational level. With his indoor football team, he plays in the national first division and competes for a place in the highest level, the premier league.

    Jesper studied at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, specialising in sports physiotherapy, after which he settled down in Amsterdam during his graduation phase. During this period, he successfully completed his graduation internship with his current colleague Benjamin Bos. Following this, Jesper was able to gain experience as a deputy physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Stadshart in Den Helder. He is now also employed there for two days a week. This experience, combined with his empathy and focused attention per patient, makes Jesper able to help you with physical complaints in the broadest sense of the word.
    Jesper is present on: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
    For an appointment or questions, please email or call; 020 3304855


    Physiotherapist, Manual therapist MSc, Sports physiotherapist

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